The following is provided as historical reference.

Saturday, February 23, 2019


Let me be clear, we love blogging. We've been doing it since 2005.

I personally have created probably 60 or more blogs for family, friends, clubs, organizations and given blogging classes in our retirement community. All for free. All on Blogger. They all have worked well, present issue excepted, because Blogger has provided the best platform. Plus it's free.

We use numerous other Google products, again all free. And they work well. As you can see, I believe in free (and open source)!

This present issue has shown us that the customer service area of Google/Blogger may need some improvement. And the process of automatically removing a blog or other product really needs some work because, as we discovered, there was no warning mechanism or contact prior to execution. We were only notified after the death of our blog.

Because we ran into so many roadblocks on our quest for answers we had to resort to making this issue known to our friends and followers. It is with the blogging community's help that we hope to solve this issue.

Thanks to all who have pitched in with their support and encouragement.


PS: We're not mad, we're sad.